Mold and Asbestos Removal in Airdrie

Mold and Asbestos Removal in Airdrie

Mold, asbestos and any other hazardous materials are a very serious risk for residential homeowners as well as commercial business owners. For instance, asbestos fibers and mold spores are known to cause allergies, respiratory complications and even some forms of cancer when they are inhaled. If you suspect the presence of any of these materials in your house, there are companies that have the appropriate expertise, equipment and experience in offering unmatched mold removal, inspections, air quality testing and remediation.

Mold and Asbestos Removal Services in Airdrie

If you are based in Airdrie and are in need of professional abatement and remediation services, you will find companies that provide safe, and effective removal and disposal of hazardous materials. Furthermore, they always employ advanced technologies during the testing, diagnosing and removal of these materials. Whether you are in need of professional asbestos, lead, mercury or mold removal in Airdrie, these companies have what it takes to help you out. They offer:

  1. Mold Inspections and Removal

If strange odours are emanating from your home, you are experiencing health constraints like congestion and allergies, if there are visible water strains on your walls, or warped or rusted materials, the chances of mold being in the home are quite high. Once you call them, these professionals will inspect the premises for any of the above signs, and do the necessary tests. If mold is found to be present, they will use advanced, safe and efficient mold removal techniques. They will also advise you on the measures you can take to reduce or completely eliminate humidity from water leaks or air conditioner malfunctions.

  1. Asbestos Removal

Asbestos is another potentially harmful substance that these companies have specialized in removing. Once it has been identified by the inspectors, the professionals may either seal it off or permanently remove it. During the removal, they normally use the wet cleaning technique where they remove the asbestos-containing materials, while ensuring that no fiber is released into the air.

  1. Indoor Air-Quality Testing, and Consultation

If you suspect that there could be mold in your home, you just need to call these experts and they will come well equipped to test for the presence of spores in the house through comprehensive air-quality testing. If a huge amount of air contaminants are found, they will work with you to make a comprehensive removal plan. They will also give you tips on how to keep the indoor humidity at a minimum, which may include fixing leaky pipes, fixing bathroom vents, using dehumidifiers and exhaust fans, stopping condensation and installing the right insulation.

  1. Concrobium Fogging

These companies employ the use of concrobium technology to kill mold in inaccessible spaces. The concrobium is blended into a fine mist that is spread out in the targeted area. This in turn coats the surfaces with the product, which destroys mold and prevents any further re-growth of molds.

  1. Grow-Op remediation

Long-term health problems are often caused by exposure to mold that has grown in former grow op areas. These grow-op areas are full of chemicals and molds which cause health hazards to people nearby. Luckily, these companies can provide effective removal and remediation for grow ops at affordable costs.

These experts also offer Infrared Thermo Scanning and Bore Scoping, technologies that are used to accurately identify moisture problems in inaccessible areas at an early stage. After detecting and removing the hazardous materials, they always dispose of them safely in government-approved disposal sites. So, whether you are looking for experts that offer professional mold inspections or mold removal in Airdrie, these companies can help.


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